Maintenance-free Playgrounds

Enjoyment, fun, and no further worries? Maintenance-free playgrounds are highly popular today because they do not require nearly any care and at the same time have above-standard endurance and resistance against mechanical damage.

Maintenance-free playgrounds are made from environmentally friendly HD-PE polyethylene boards. Their antibacterial surface prevents infection spreading and the UV-stable paints prevent fading, so the colours stay vibrant and rich. The boards also carry the “antivandalism” and “antigraffiti” labels, meaning that your playground is safe from even the wildest of scamps. In combination with steel, your playground will look the same in the next twenty years without a need to take care of it.

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Natural playgrounds

Our beautiful natural playgrounds are enjoyed most by the kind of people who love the smell and visual aspect of wood. We use acacia wood to make them because this very firm type of wood belongs to the most resilient Central European woods and the endurance of it is outstandingly long. The acacia wood is accompanied by waterproof boards made of Finnish birch and high-quality stainless steel and hot dip galvanized steel.

The natural and environmentally friendly oils and stains we use are intended for upkeeping the materials. Thanks to them, your playground will look beautiful and continue to look beautiful even after a long time of using. The custom-made natural playgrounds fit into every environment and become an oasis of fun and relax.

Our maintenance-free playgrounds and natural playgrounds will transform every space into a paradise of entertainment. They are perfect for schools, kindergartens, parks, public places, restaurants, aquaparks, sports grounds, wellness centres, senior centres, and even private gardens.

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Playground Furniture and Workout

Workout is a type of exercise based on your own body weight. It has earned huge popularity across all generations lately. People can enjoy outdoor fitness in public sports grounds and exercise using various sport constructions like the trapeze, scaling-ladder or parallel bars.

We will supply you with quality machines and give your place the proper sport splendour. We also know how to build a specialized workout field for disabled people and seniors that would fully respect their limitations and possibilities.

Safety Surfaces

We install a special layer on the impact area wherever children could fall from surfaces more than a metre above ground. This layer softens the impact and prevents injuries. We use several types or safety surfaces. Some of them require a bit of maintenance while others are completely maintenance-free. We will gladly provide you with safety surfaces and install them for you.

We advise to install this natural and extremely safe mat on significantly strained surfaces. The mat is easy to lay down on lawn or aligned surface. There is no need for mechanization or building a special underlying layer. The mat is very durable and once the grass has grown through, you do not have to worry about somebody stealing it.

This type of surface is the highest quality and fully maintenance-free safety surface. The main benefits are the material’s softness, durability up to fifteen years, and highly attractive look. It is laid upon the surface in question using the seamless technology. The surface under is typically compacted gravel layer or a concrete, tar or pavement surface. The surface is permeable, so it lets water pass through and there are no puddles of water on the playground. It dries quickly and always stays clean. It is resistant to vandals and can be repaired easily. Unlike the granular surfaces, you will easily notice shatters, syringes, and other dangerous objects in order to protect your children immediately. It is also suitable for people with limited mobility and disabled people in wheelchairs. You can choose from original patterns, colours, and colour transitions. We now also offer new 3D plastic rubber elements.

A high-quality, safe, and durable protection against impact. This material is non-slip, easy to clean, and provided in different layer depths according to the required height of fall. It is also available in several colour shades.

Another way to handle things would be a pebble, a safe and widely-used material made of smooth river pebble stones in the size that ranges from four to eight millimetres. It softens the impact under any weather conditions. This surface belongs between people’s favourites because of its clean nature. Even then though, it will demand some maintenance from time to time.

The cheapest material is sand with no dust particles. If children use the playground intensely, you may have to rake it sometimes.

Synthetic turf is not only safe but also follows aesthetical norms. It provides clean and dry surface for playing while also keeping a natural look, long endurance, and low running costs. It spares the environment as well as your time.

Within the 8D Playgrounds, you can also find the Play-Safe impact carpets with sand backfill. They are easy to install and use and they do not require any large ground work. The carpet is simply laid on the surface of tamped down soil and it is certificated by the HIC exam for the critical 2.4 metre fall height. You can also choose from many colourful alternatives and combinations.

Our services

Architectural Study

We will make a playground design from start to finish for you. Do you prefer a simple ground plan or a complex colourful visualization that you don’t have to hide in front of the world’s eyes? We will help you decide what kind of playground elements would fit in your village, city or company. We will also take the installation area into account, while simultaneously following all norms and regulations present. We provide complete project documentation from the architectural study and the construction management project, implementing documentation, and territorial agreement to the execution project documentation. You will get the design and budget proposition for free.

Certification and Revisions

Playgrounds require regular check-ups. We can gladly provide you with these revisions. We can also attend the components in need and make the state of your playground perfect again. We will secure all needed certifications for custom-made atypical or special elements of the playground.

Atypical Realizations

Do you have your own idea about what the playground or its elements should look like, but you cannot find it anywhere? Or maybe you can’t imagine at all what the playground ought to look like? Then you have come to the right place. Whether you have your own idea or not, we will discuss it with you gladly. We can connect this idea and the actual place, the purpose it is made for, and required regulations and notices. The playground will fulfil every formal demand and it will smoothly get all necessary certifications.

Would you like to know more? Do you need advice? Let us know.



Do you have insufficient funds? Is your budget not enough? That is not a problem. We are informed of upcoming as well as already declared grant requests from various sources that can be used for a playground construction. We will help you write an application. We have many years of experience in the field of funding from grants.


If you aren’t planning to invest any more money, we offer you the rare opportunity of renting the 8D Playground. That way, you will not have to worry about record keeping and transcription of property. Besides, we will alter the playground elements every four years, so you can make your children happy with new attractions.


You can plan to build the 8D Playground into two or more years. Your annual budget will not be burdened at one moment. You will get a processed project of the final playground in the beginning and we will start with the first stage of construction according to your choice. We are original manufacturers, so we can arbitrarily extend and replenish.

Substitute Performance

If you get our product, you can use the possibility of the substitute performance, meaning performing the legal obligation of disabled people employment. If you do not employ these people yourself, you can fulfil this necessity by buying 8D products. We will provide you with needed documentations.